mercoledì 9 aprile 2008

ANZA Knives "Regular Bastard II" Custom File Knife

Anza Knives are made from used USA made files that are annealed, cold ground and polished.
This one is a 2008 first model, it’s made from a high carbon Nicholson USA Flat Bastard file.

Overall it measures a around 7” or 17,7cm, the cutting edge is around 6,5\7cm.
It’s full tang with a ANZA USA “08” acid stamp on the spine and BASTARD made in USA on the scaping pommel, the finger dip is finger sized.
Handles are made from laminated plastic impregnated oak wood (DYMONDWOOD), clad to the tang with a special process, looks awesome for me, like micarta and fine handle materials, great feeling
The sheath is made of tan cowhide with a belt loop, strong and tight fitting.

I’m impressed with the built quality and crazy sharpness of the knife, the edge it thin more than a razor and should take and hold a very good edge, grind is high and thus easy to resharpen
Charlie Davis made a great work here, will buy more of his creations and maybe get a small custom knife made :-)
This one will rotate with the Moras and other 3\4” knives I have when going out, won’t fear to use it, gives an awesome feeling in the hand.
45USD on ebay

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